Kratom Powder Tea is my choice!

When making Kratom Tea I prefer to use Kratom powder…..there are a few ways to make it but Kratom Powder Tea is the best bang for your buck!!

You will encounter different strains of Kratom available on the market! So dont get overwhelmed on what to buy…. I usually go with Bali or Thai kratom powder for my tea.

Bali kratom powder is the least expensive, but still great for tea! You can find it typically online from $10-12 bucks per ounce… some sites will offer free shipping! Most people agree Bali kratom is more euphoric in nature. I personally prefer Bali Kratom powder tea!

Thai kratom powder is another popular strain among kratom lovers! Its a bit more expensive than Bali but ranges from $12-15 ounce & its effects are more sedating effects.

For more information on our Quick & Dirty Kratom Powder Tea Recipe click here!

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