KRATOM TEA – Quick & Dirty Powder Recipe


Whats so great about kratom tea? Well to be honest its definitely not the taste & that’s certainly the reason I’ve stuck with kratom capsules for the most part…. but I wanted to broaden my horizons so me & a few friends decided to give kratom powder tea a try!

Scroll down for our quick & dirty kratom tea recipe!

Most people like to sip on tea… but for us this was more about gulping it down quick!

Kratom Tea Recipe

  1. 2-3 oz of your favorite kratom powder (bali or thai work fine)
  2. Boil water – enough for average size coffee cup
  3. Add kratom powder to cup & add boiling water and stir for a few minutes
  4. Add 2+ spoonfuls of honey
  5. Add 1 carmel vanilla tea bag
  6. Stir for another minute & let cool a little
  7. Chug down quickly

One thing we did notice with effects of kratom tea come on much quicker than that of kratom capsules… actually within 20 minutes or so which helps make up for the nasty kratom tea taste haha!!

Please send us your kratom tea recipe we would love to try it out!! :]

Kratom Tea(dark background)

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Kratom Infusion Tea Review

If you dont want to make Kratom Tea yourself…… there is a great new product on the market now called Kratom Infusion Tea! I just bought some the other day and wanted to see how its stacked up! So me and a few friends decided to brew up some Kratom Infusion and do a review!!

**Note – this is just a Kratom Infusion Review….if you want to purchase it please visit their site.


Our Final Infusion Kratom Tea Review!!

First of Kratom Infusion Tea is kind of spendy at $49 dollars a box (25 tea bags) or if you want to buy individual tea bags they run $3 each. We just  bought the individual kratom tea bags to try out…. each tea bags is about 2 grams.

First heres our negative points:

  • Expensive at $2-3 per kratom tea bag – its much cheaper if you make it yourself.
  • Effects of Kratom arent as strong as if you make your own Tea

Positive Kratom Infusion Tea points:

  • Taste isnt bad at all… especially if you add some honey
  • You can whip up a batch of Kratom Tea super fast
  • The Kratom Tea was mellowing & relaxing which we all agreed!

If you want to try Kratom Infusion Tea yourself this is where we bought it from!

More Information on Kratom Infusion Tea click the image below!

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Kratom Powder Tea is my choice!

When making Kratom Tea I prefer to use Kratom powder…..there are a few ways to make it but Kratom Powder Tea is the best bang for your buck!!

You will encounter different strains of Kratom available on the market! So dont get overwhelmed on what to buy…. I usually go with Bali or Thai kratom powder for my tea.

Bali kratom powder is the least expensive, but still great for tea! You can find it typically online from $10-12 bucks per ounce… some sites will offer free shipping! Most people agree Bali kratom is more euphoric in nature. I personally prefer Bali Kratom powder tea!

Thai kratom powder is another popular strain among kratom lovers! Its a bit more expensive than Bali but ranges from $12-15 ounce & its effects are more sedating effects.

For more information on our Quick & Dirty Kratom Powder Tea Recipe click here!

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Infusion Kratom Tea

Kratom Infusion Tea

Kratom Infusion Tea

Havent Heard about Kratom Tea Infusion Yet?

Kratom Infusion Tea originated in Holland is now available in the USA! Kratom Tea Infusion is wholly organic and free of additives or preservatives. Each time you enjoy a cup of Kratom Infusion, you are experiencing only the Best Kratom the world has to offer. At our world-class facility in Holland, we pride ourselves on delivering a premium product at a great price

Kratom Infusion was made to give ‘you’ the optimum high quality Kratom Tea the earth has to provide without having the headaches related to considering unpleasant Kratom powders or shakes or Kratom leaf. It ought to be mentioned we don’t use Kratom Extracts to produce Kratom Infusion, these aren’t required as Kratom Infusion have stringent guidelines on all-natural high quality and don’t use younger farmed Kratom. Its no surprise many people misconceive Kratom Trees for the Kratom Plant this is just due to the fact the majority of folks don’t realize that Kratom will grow more than 100 ft into huge Kratom Trees. The more mature the tree gets the greater the abundance of alkaloids that tree produces. Not forgetting we analyze soil PH levels before even consider utilizing selected Kratom

We will be reviewing Infusion Kratom Tea…. and posting it on our blog soon! Stay tuned :]

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5 Simple Steps on How to Make Kratom Tea

How to make kratom tea

How to make Kratom Tea

5 Simple Steps on how to make Kratom Tea

Ive been researching the web & YouTube for tips on how to make kratom tea … but it honestly cant be to hard to prepare some kratom tea!

So WHY Kratom Tea in the first place? Well with  tea its warmth and it being a liquid makes it absorb into your system much faster so therefor the effects of kratom come on much sooner!!

Here is a recipe I found on how to make kratom tea that I tried … so I  thought Id pass on:

  1. Preparing Kratom Tea for 1 serving
  2. Take about 6-8 grams (always better to start with less if its your first time). Powder or leaf.. your preference!
  3. Pour one large tea cup full of water into small pot, then add your kratom. Allow to boil  for 10 minutes… stir a little bit. Then for the last 5 minutes let is just simmer!
  4.  Once done pour the liquid through a strainer into your cup.
  5. Add your favorite juice or honey & gulp away fast

There you go…. 5 Simples Steps on how to make Kratom Tea!!!

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My Kratom Tea Recipe – Coming Soon!

I have been experimenting with Kratom Tea  recipes & let me tell you it tastes nothing but aweful…. now I know why I stick with premium kratom capsules!

Anyways I haven’t given up yet on perfecting my kratom tea recipe!

Please follow my blog and I promise to give you my quick & dirty kratom tea recipe soon!!

Thanks :]



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